For the Love of Craft…and Beer!

Our number one love here at FireHouse Ironworks, is obviously forging iron. But coming in right behind that passion is a love for beer. Good beer. Well crafted, delicious, nutritious, wholesome beer.

Hop Rackcard

Beer inspired hop rack card display by FireHouse Ironworks.

The pairing of iron and beer, should not be entirely surprising, after all blacksmiths spend their day doing physically demanding work beside a fire that is cookin’ away at, oh, 1700 degrees celsius, or so. It makes perfect sense that we like to end our work day with a restorative pint or two.

We happen to think this marriage of iron and beer goes in the other direction as well. What pub does not look more genuine and attractive then when its sign is hanging from impressive ironwork, beckoning to its thirsty patrons from blocks away the promise of comfort, safety and cold beverages? What pub interior is not more awesome with hand forged iron light fixtures that are not made in China and which look as though they have been there for ages and will be continue to cast a warm glow on the pub folk for centuries to come? The possibilities for ironwork in the pub and beer world are endless! Glass racks, hostess stands, wall art, logo elements, coat hooks, handrails…the list goes on.

Not only are these two crafts long-standing partners, they are also both in greater demand as the general populace seeks out products which are made locally, of high quality, and unique. To celebrate our shared triumph over bad beer and cheap iron items made in China, FireHouse Ironworks will be joining fine craft breweries from around the region at the Fredericton Craft Beer Festival March 8, 2014. We’ll be hanging out at with the folks from The Pub Magazine, so make sure to come by for a visit! We are really looking forward to meeting new friends in the craft brewing industry and forging new partnerships between our respective crafts.

If you haven’t checked out The Pub mag, have a flip through the first copy of the Atlantic Canada edition! They’ve featured some of our work. Hard copies are available for free in pubs throughout the region.